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Scientists created the most detailed topographic map of the Earth

Work on creation the most accurate topographic map of the Earth's surface is completed. To draft such a map scientists used 1.3 million images. The project was implemented by NASA experts, together with Japanese scientists of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Global Digital Elevation Map covers 99% of the surface of our planet. It is available on the Internet and available for public use free of charge.

New map has a wide range of practical applications - engineering, search of alternative sources of energy, conservation of natural resources, creation of recreational areas, building design, urban mapping. Researchers obtain reliable data on the terrain relief. This topographic map will enable geologists and travelers to learn more about our planet, where every year people discover new unexplored regions.

According to Woody Turner, NASA official, Global Digital Elevation Map is the most detailed digital topographic map in the history of mankind. Detailed images of the earth's surface were used for its creation, obtained with the use of radiometer Japanese Aster, which was installed on the American satellite Terra.

Scientists say that the map allowed to find out more information about many ongoing processes on our planet: from alga blooming to eruption of volcanoes.

A new topographic map is a significant contribution to the international database of ground-based observations of the Group for use in "system of systems", which unites the data from various devices and systems for monitoring and predicting climate change.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 13-08-2010