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Navigator Lexand STR-5350 HD - innovative product for everyday problems

Lexand engineers have many times designed navigation devices considered to be bold ideas in this sphere: for example, model SG-615 HD DVR with built-in GPS or the STR-5550 HD, working from both GLONASS / GPS. Today Lexand experts offer on the market their new device - Lexand STR-5350 HD, running on a processor ARM 11 SiRFatlasV clocked at 664 MHz, which ensures high performance of intensive applications (various navigation programs). Without doubt, Lexand STR-5350 HD - is a fast navigator with a good multimedia functionality.

STR-5350 HD is running Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Core version. "Navitel Navigator 5" with mapping covering of the whole Russia was chosen to be the main navigation program. A user can load any necessary maps of the region: for example, navigation program with Europe maps. To do this, one should set the path of the interested program, which is compatible with OS Windows CE 6.0. Maps can be viewed in two-and three-dimensional format.

The platform has a 64-channel GPS-module SiRF AtlasV, which searches satellites in less than 10 seconds. Various programs work faster than in other navigation devices. This speed is determined by an impressive amount of RAM - 128MB.

STR-5350 HD features a superb design: all elements are laconic, lines are straight, there are no extravagant details. The screen is located on the same level as the front side. The device has compact dimensions: thickness is only 10mm, the size is 134.5x85 mm, weight - 160g.

Navigator Lexand STR-5350 HD has a large amount of internal memory - 4 GB, so you can use it as a flash drive and store in addition to a variety of mapping data and media. But in order to upload your own files you have only 2GB of internal memory, the rest is designed for the navigation program. If you use a removable memory card, microSD, you can increase the storage space for another 16GB.

Lexand STR-5350 HD has a 5 inch touchscreen LCD-display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, which displays 65,000 colors, making the screen look clear and bright. Lightning of the screen can be chosen as an additional function.

Navigator can be used as a video player that supports various file formats: DAT, MPEG, WMV, ASF, ASV, MPG, AVI, MOV, RM, 3GP. You can listen music in audio format WMA and MP3. You can view images in GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG formats. Electronic books can be read in the .txt format.

Built-in battery has 950 mA/h, which allows the navigator to work for 2-2.5 hours without being charged.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 14-05-2012