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Rosreestr intends to update digital geographic model of the Russian Federation

Rosreestr is going to update topographic maps of the Russian Federation in the digital format. Under the plan, by the end of this year, the Office will process three digital topographic maps of Russia, including the northern part of the country in the scale of 1:100 000, as well as the maps of Perm and Volgograd region (1:25 000), Smolensk and Pskov regions (1 25 000).

These activities are part of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography in the creation of a digital topographic map of Russia. Back in 2011 a lot of work was done to update topographic maps of Russia (1:100 000), that covered the entire mainland.

Digital topographic maps are designed to assist Russia in dealing with scientific research, defense and national objectives. The project will correct the features of existing facilities and areas and add new one.

Experts say that there is a shortage of digital Russia maps in the scale of 1:25 000. Today, they cover only 28% of the country: for the most part it is cities and roads.

It should be noted that earlier existed all 1: 25 000 topographic maps of Russia, which were updated at specified intervals: uninhabited areas - every 10-20 years, inhabited areas, where there is a town - once in 5 years. According to experts, there is a strong need in new maps, but that does not mean that the present has lost its relevance.

Modern Russian digital topographic maps are created using the latest technologies, including aerial and space photography. The contracting company will transfer to the Office the data of Earth's remote sensing, plans, surveys and georeferenced files, etc.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 14-06-2012