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Shturmann Maps show where to park in Moscow

Content Master Company, a producer of software, Shturmann dashboard cameras and navigators, added new points of interest on its maps. To make your trip more enjoyable and less tiring, one can use reliable information on parking areas. Maps of Moscow and the latest information on parking areas can be found on the website of the company, as well as in mobile application of Android-devices in the tab My.POI.

Not only Muscovites, but also visitors of the capital feel stress while driving on busy highways. In most cases, the situation is worsened by congestion and lack of parking spaces. Shturmann Maps help motorists to quickly find the nearest parking lot, so to save time and avoid penalties for violation of traffic rules and the risk of evacuation.

On the map of Moscow, one can find information on paid or free, indoor and outdoor, office and parking areas, sometimes with photos and descriptions. To find the nearest parking lot, it is necessary to specify the search query "Parking Tax" and you will see nearby parking lot on the map.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 14-08-2012