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2GIS creates a single digital map of Russia

2GIS company specializing in the production of electronic directories of city maps, plans by the end of this year to finish work on the unification of separate maps into a single map of the Russian Federation.

This ambitious project is carried out together with the international non-profit online mapping service OpenStreetMap, under whose auspices the Internet users create a detailed map. Anyone can make their adjustments or complement the existing map. Of course, all represented maps of Russian cities in the online project are available free of charge.

Currently OpenStreetMap contains detailed maps of not all 164 Russian cities. It is expected that experts of 2GIS significantly expand the existing base by integrating their reference books in maps of the online project. It is planned that by the beginning of 2013 data will be systematically updated for 200 cities. In this case, all updated maps will be available only to users at no charge.

From 1999 2GIS makes reference books, which by now have been downloaded more than 12.5 million times, including 1.5 million times the maps were loaded on mobile devices. Over the last years, the company is actively working on the development of mobile versions of their products. So, in 2005 they issued maps for Windows Mobile, and in 2011for iOS and Android. Soon will appear version for devices on the Windows Phone platform.

It is known that 2GIS intends to become a supplier of map data for Google Maps and Yandex.Maps. Currently, the company collaborates with

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 14-09-2012