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GPS maps good solution for outdoor activities

Software-maps company, a leader in map data sales for handheld GPS-devices, has signed a dealership contract with Mountain Dynamics, which makes maps for winter sports enthusiasts.

Software-maps offers a wide range of maps from Mountain Dynamics SnowRanger along with a series of decisions SledGPS, designed for the Garmin GPS devices.

At this moment, the producers have already released products SnowRanger, which included 400 European and 109 North American ski resorts. Only in the last few weeks 23 new resorts have been added. If you prefer European resorts - Andorra, France, the Spanish Pyrenees, with Software-maps products you can obtain the necessary data about any resort.

SledGPS products are detailed maps of the major ski tracks and routes, which include tracks of 27 U.S. states and 2 Canadian provinces.

For convenience, producers sell maps on CD and on flash cards. If you purchase a CD, you can enjoy the benefits of using SledGPS maps immediately after you have inserted the disc into your navigator. When using flash drives you need the Garmin MapSource, which will load maps on your GPS-device.

Learn more about maps of ski resorts on the website of, where you can submit your application.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 15-02-2011