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In the U.S. appeared interactive maps that will tell about the storm

In anticipation of the Atlantic hurricane season, U.S. scientists have launched interactive maps designed to warn people in advance of a possible flood. Under extreme weather conditions, with sustained winds, flooding a special software will predict the flood zone and will display these places on the map.

Territories of potentially dangerous areas will be depicted on the interactive map in a certain color. Maps will be broadcast on the eve of the storm, while information will be updated every 6 hours. This will allow residents of areas be timely informed of the approaching danger.

Experts predict that the modeling flood zone of maps will help to avoid tragedies such as those that occurred in 2012 during a storm "Sandy".

Meteorologists say that inhabitants of the coast need to know about the intensity of storm waves. It is no secret that people often take the decision to evacuate, focusing only on the strength of the wind. But most of the deaths during hurricanes cause flooding.

Interactive maps can warn of the impending threat.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 16-05-2014