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Google Maps for Android-based devices are now available in offline mode

Google has introduced maps of more than 150 countries that can be downloaded on Android and used offline. Users can use maps and chart a route even when the device is not connected to the Internet.

It is known that in some cases, GPS-navigation is not available. With Android-based device, Google Maps allow to find the right way, even down into the subway.

The developer has supplied the service with a user friendly interface. For example, if you're going on a trip, you need to open a map and select the region of interest, then go to the menu, use "Make available offline" and confirm your choice. At the bottom of the screen, just below the map, you can see the size of free memory that you will need to download maps. All the maps are placed in the folder My Places.

If Android has a digital compass function, the map will allow you to orient yourself even without Wi-Fi or 3G.

Google Inc. also announced the launch of the improved service Compass Mode for Street View on the maps for Android. Display of your mobile device turns into a box with a 360 degrees view. In order to take full advantage of the innovations you need a device with Android operating system version 3.0 and above, on which you will install Google Maps. Another precondition is the availability of Street View version 1.8.1. and the gyroscope.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 16-07-2012