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Chinese Satellite navigation system can become a riva lto GPS

Chinese GNSS - Beidou distributes its services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The government hopes that in the near future national navigation system can be successfully used to create maps and compete with GPS.

Currently, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) provide Chinese users with navigation, sending and receiving messages, time synchronization and positioning. According to experts, within some years Beidou will be able to occupy segment capacity of 63 billion dollars.

Recall that in October, 2012 China launched into space sixth satellite. In total, China plans to issue in orbit around thirty vehicles. According to experts, by 2020 Chinese GNSS will be able to serve not only in the Asian region, but also around the world. According to experts, Beidou is not a substitute for the usual GPS. Most likely, both of these systems will be used in parallel to create the up-to-date maps, and increase the accuracy of positioning.

Without doubt, the appearance of Beidou plays an important role in the security of the country. Now, in emergency, Beijing can count on its own accurate military maps and navigation system and not rely on the data of its potential enemy.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 17-01-2013