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Permafrost zones have appeared on maps

It’s not a secret that permafrost zones are rather dangerous in case they begin to melt down. This issue is particularly topical for such countries as Switzerland, where lots of popular ski resorts are situated. The consequences of climate warming can be very really bad: disconnection of power transmission lines, unstable functioning of aerial ropeways, landslides and rockslides.

If the climate continues changing at the same rate, these problems will aggravate even more. So the scientists of Zurich University became very much concerned about the future of their country and decided to correct the deficiencies made by their colleagues and work out the high-definition maps that would display the permafrost zones. The results of their efforts can be already seen at Google Earth.

Just a little time before that there was no unified map of such zones, and those available were created using different modeling methods. Moreover, many permafrost zones are located in the bowels of the earth, intervening with common ground, which makes their precise reflection impossible.

Yet the modern maps created by the Swiss scientist Stephen Gruber using innovative technologies are the most precise and detailed description of these zones, which makes it possible to forecast the consequences of permafrost zones melting in many regions.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 17-02-2012