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Martin Peak mapped on Irkutsk Map

Scientists and climbers suggest to name the highest peak in the Irkutsk region in honor of undeservedly forgotten Asia researcher and scientist Joseph Napoleon Martin.

It is known that the highest point of the Irkutsk region is indicated on the maps as a peak with altitude 2999 m above sea level, and is located in the highest part of the mountain range Kodar. While in reality this peak refers to the highest point of the Transbaikalian area. In fact, the highest point of the Irkutsk region has a height of 2988 m and is also situated on the Kodari, but to the west – on the source of the river Sygykta, near the glacier named Transfiguration VS. Thus, the highest point is located within the Vitim State Reserve, which can be seen on the map Bodaibo district.

In July, 2012 reserve staff together with professional climbers conquered the highest peak in the region and suggested to name it as the peak of Martin. It is a French traveler who in 1833 had led the expedition "Lena - Amur" and became the first European to cross the central Kodar and learned of the Kodar glaciers. According to an ancient tradition, the discoverers have built a heap of round stones, where they have placed a relevant note.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 17-08-2012