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Google Maps provides indoor navigation in France

As early as in 2011 Google has provided users with a unique opportunity to view maps of buildings. This service is available for Android users. It is enough to download Google Maps, and you can see a floor plan of airports, museums, shopping centers or other objects of interest. However, it should be clarified that originally maps were provided only for the U.S. buildings.

And so, in September 2012 the developer declared that the geographical coverage maps has increased. From now, the audience of Google Maps will be able to view so-called «indoor» maps of the most visited sites in France. These maps will make it possible in seconds to find for example an ATM in a large shopping center.

Maps of buildings help us to find the way around in an unfamiliar place. A Google representative said that maps cover plans of French supermarkets that will help the buyer to easily find the right department. Currently, the maps cover the 50 most popular sites in France, including museums, airports, shopping centers and stores.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 17-10-2012