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Epson introduced GPS-monitor for jogging enthusiasts

In Japan, Epson announced a wrist monitor - or rather, a special navigator, which will help when jogging. Externally, the device under the name Epson WristableGPS is like a watch. New product is designed to record your speed and measure the distance covered.

When developing the tools engineers use the latest technologies and created a special energy-efficient and high-precision module. The device is able to work in an active GPS-mode for 14 hours without recharging.

Scientists have created an algorithm that provides high precision of GPS-positioning. It is no secret that in the densely populated areas of the city with many high-rise buildings navigators often show the distance traveled, which is not true. Epson experts successfully resolved this problem.

Navigator is compact and waterproof, as experts of Japanese companies were able to create a small antenna with a high angle of reception.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 17-12-2012