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Tell Google Maps what you’re looking for

google-maps-voiceNow mobile phones owners don’t have any troubles in typing long searches in Google Maps. In order to travel from point A to point B, you need only to utter the name or address of the destination. All the rest the program will do for you: find the desired object in the database and display it on the user’s digital map.

This great opportunity has become available in the mobile Google Maps application version 4.1 for such operational systems as Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 (devices based on the Android platform and the BlackBerry supported this feature in previous versions of Google Maps). The latest version of the program supports the English and Chinese languages. The main requirement is a clear pronunciation.

To work with digital Google Maps developers of the program are willing to constantly improve their product.  Thus, in order to get any feedback from users, they have a special field in the Settings designed for questions and suggestions.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 18-05-2010