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Nokia Maps appears on new tablet Kindle Fire

Recently, Amazon announced its new product - a tablet Kindle Fire, which can compete with iPad. Nokia maps will be installed by default on the tablet.


Nokia representative said that Amazon has bought a license that makes it possible to use a system of Nokia Location Platform for geocoding and maps. This data will be used by qualified developers to create mobile LBS-application of new tablets. In this case, locating platform allows users to create not only mobile applications, but HTML5-applications, web-based applications.


Locating platform allows registered professionals to use API-interface to develop custom mobile geolocation services with a full range of functions, including - maps, routing, location, positioning, traffic congestion, etc.


Thus, the market of digital maps has three leaders - Google, Nokia and Apple. To be fair it should be noted that at this stage, Apple does not have its own map service and resorts to OpenStreet Maps, maps of car navigation products and software for them, TomTom maps, and geosearch and short tips from Yandex.Maps.


Let us recall that Navteq, a cartographic division of Nokia, in the fall of 2010 issued maps in three-dimensional format. This was possible thanks to the use of two key technologies. The first makes it possible to generate three-dimensional models of cities, and the second allows you to integrate these models with panoramic photographs, which together create a three-dimensional image. However, Google is still number one in this segment of the market, whose base of three-dimensional panoramas is the largest in the world.


Digital cartography and GPS navigation 19-09-2012