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Online Space Map

Excellent interactive online map of the cosmos was the result of the work done by scientists by "linking" 5000 megapixel photos of the starry sky, collected, in their turn, together of 37,440 individual pieces. This unique work shows us all familiar Milky Way with previously unknown precision and clarity.

This interactive map of space is very different from all previous maps of this kind not only in high resolution, but also in the ability to make a full turn on the screen, both horizontally and vertically.

For example, in the lower right corner you will find our closest neighbors - the small galaxies with their own hundreds of millions of stars. The map can be zoomed in, zoomed out and rotated in any direction. And turning the left-most icon in Control Panel, you can see the 3D map of the sky, superimposed directly on top of 3D maps of the cosmos.

Milky Way Galaxy - is our house, or rather, the house of our solar system. The Galaxy coexist tens of billions of suns and planets (from 200 to 400 billion). When we look at this map, we are actually peering back in time (the days leading up to the emergence of our civilization), as the light of so many stars had to make a long journey before reaching our planet. Now we have a stunning opportunity to look into the depths of the universe with the help of this great space maps.

This is a short video presentation:
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Digital cartography and GPS navigation 20-01-2016