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EveryTrail joined Google

EveryTrail, service dedicated to GPS data exchange, provided access to its own materials and blogs to Google Earth users. Now clicking on the tab EveryTrail on Google Earth you obtain detailed geotagged information about trips: GPS tracks, photos and comments. On the web server you can read trip reviews of the EveryTrail community.

If you are going in a tourist trip you will know beforehand whether it will be of cultural or historic orientation or an extreme and active tour outdoors. By means of this tab everybody can see photos of unknown places and 3D routes from Google.

Now to plan your trip with Google is as easy as never. The only thing you are to do is to go to Google Earth, open tab EveryTrail, select necessary place and activate icon EveryTrail on it. Integration of EveryTrail in Google Earth is the most convenient and informative service, that provides all necessary data about coming trip and is much more relevant than traditional slide shows or videos.

It is worthy of note that the service makes it possible to tag geo marks thanks to which a user can correct date and time of photos, that were placed along the itinerary.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 20-06-2010