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Usage of maps via a smartphone in Europe

Analytic company comScore has published a review which shows the results of a recent study. The company's specialists have studied how extensively owners of computers and smart phones in France, Italy, UK, Spain and Germany use maps.

According to the results, about 35% of the GPS-smartphones users in five leading European countries in March 2012 used maps on their mobile device. In comparison, almost 50% of the Internet audience downloads maps on the computer.

Thus, 90.4 million users of map services in March went to the sites through a computer. This is 49.6% of the total Internet audience of the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Meanwhile, 39.8 million people opened maps with a smart phone, which is 35% of the audience of five European countries.

Experts analyzed the data of the last year and noted that the number of smartphone users who regularly used maps increased by 55%. At that time, the number of people using for this purpose personal computer has increased only by 8%.

Analysts say that people are increasingly using smartphones for applications such as navigation and maps. Modern man has no need to print the map or memorize the route, technology allow you to always have on hand an accurate map.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 20-06-2012