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11 most unusual discoveries made with Google Maps

Here are 11 most unusual and spectacular discoveries that people came across accidentally during a walk on Google Earth.

1. Someone accidentally found "geoglyphs" in Kazakhstan. Scientists believe that these are traces of ancient civilizations

2. With the help of Google Earth one managed to find the "Zone 6" - the classified US military base

3. Geoglyphs found in Jordan demonstrate the sunrise at the winter solstice

4. Island Sandy really does not exist. It was marked on Google maps because of erroneous entries hundred years ago, but it was removed as soon as Google Maps realized that it was a mistake

5. On Google Maps, you can find a blood-red lake. It is located outside Sadr City in Iraq, and no one knows why it has such a color

6. Airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona. Here are resting thousands and thousands of aircrafts around the world

7. Corn maze depicting the face of Oprah Winfrey

8. Naval US Navy Amphibious Base in Coronado accidentally placed in the shape of a swastika. Was it an accident?

9. Natural geoformations in Canada, which is called "Badlands Guardian". The unique terrain that resembles a face in profile, was accidentally discovered during a walk on Google Earth

10. The ship SS Jassim that shipwrecked in 2003. Shipwreck was so large that it could be found on Google Earth

11. Davey Lee Niles went missing in 2006. Hi body was found with the help of Google that captured his car at the bottom of the lake

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