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IPhone 5 users are dissatisfied with the quality of Apple maps

Apple's decision to stop using Google maps in their products has led to the fact that iPhone 5 users found a number of errors in new maps.

Since 2007 Apple has set Google map by default on all its smartphones. Now on Apple mobile devices it has installed its own software, which may also be available for owners of earlier versions of the iPad or iPhone. To download Apple maps, it’s enough to update the operation system up to iOS 6.

Customers who dealt with Apple maps were dissatisfied with their quality. The maps have a number of errors and some incorrectly displayed objects, roads and landscapes. For example, when searching for the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects San Francisco and southern California, Marin County, the mark indicates that the bridge is located four miles from San Francisco. And in one of the counties of Ireland a farm is marked as if it is an airport. Perhaps the developers were confused by the name of the farm which is airfield. However before that there were no such evident errors. And in Moscow Tverskaya Street is called Gorky Street.

Maps by Apple, that replaced Google Maps, caused a storm of criticism. Users are so disappointed with accuracy of the maps, that in social network started to appear groups called "Bring back Google Maps». User dissatisfaction is connected with the lower number of selected objects (shops, cafes, restaurants, attractions, etc.), bad accuracy of maps, inexact step navigation. Even beautiful three-dimensional images of the major cities did not mitigate indignation of users.

Experts note that this outcome was predictable, and better results can hardly be expected from the entrant in electronic maps, which is Apple. In addition, the company has its own base maps and locations, and relies solely on third-party providers: Manufacturers of GPS-navigators TomTom and Russian company Yandex.

Google has long been developing maps and actively uses the assistance of volunteers, who by Mapmaker tools can detail maps. Nokia - another major player in the map service. After the purchase of Navteq Nokia chart has a huge base and it presents a quality product that was bought by Amazon, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Apple understands that in order to achieve this level, it needs to go a long way. According to the company, Apple appreciates the feedback and criticisms of users and does its best to make the map service better.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 20-09-2012