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Google maps show the road traffic in 130 cities of the U.S.

Google is constantly working to expand the coverage of the existing maps. The recent update includes traffic information service. In particular, updated maps broadcast situation on the roads of the 130 small cities in the U.S., as well as of Panama, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

Let us recall that traffic information has appeared on Google Maps in 2008. Up-to-date information on road traffic significantly increases the comfort of travel. Possessing accurate information about traffic, users are able to develop the best route to their destination.

Maps in real time display the current road situation and allow you much accurately calculate the travel time. Updated maps affected cities like Tuscaloosa (Alabama), Panama, Kalamazoo (Michigan), Bogota, Portland (Maine), San Jose as well as Mexico, Russia, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, China, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic and Great Britain.

It is possible to view maps with road traffic on a personal computer. For example, going to the airport or to the important meeting, you can make sure that there are no jams on the way you are driving. Also, you can view maps on your GPS-navigator. They will show how long is the jam, if you've already been in it.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 20-10-2012