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VTSIOM: Russians use paper maps and are not used to a navigator

Although navigators became an inseparable part of the life of travelers, tourists and motorists, Russian people more often use familiar geographical or paper maps.

All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTSIOM) in late July 2012 conducted a study in which experts have decided to determine the level of public confidence on Internet resources. The survey involved more than a thousand of people from 138 settlements of 46 regions of the Russian Federation.

Although in recent years emails practically superseded traditional correspondence (76% and 23%, respectively), and "online" communication has become an alternative to live (85% vs. 92%), Russians still trust more to "offline" media than information in the Internet. These results were received by sociologists of VTSIOM.

TV news and newspapers are more credible than the websites (70% and 63% vs. 56% respectively). As for background information, the majority of respondents used to find it on the Web, than in books and encyclopedias (57% vs. 54%).

Traditional paper maps used to find necessary path are used by 38% of the respondents. And only 25% of all respondents use GPS-navigation and online maps.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 21-08-2012