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MapCase announced the launch of GPS navigation apps for skiers

 German start-up, MapCase GmbH company, developed service MAPtoSNOW, showing maps of ski resorts in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Bulgaria. In total, the application contains 190 navigation maps that are available to users free of charge.

GPS app allows you to set your own location on the mountain slopes, find the difference of heights, and organize a competition with your friends. If desired, you can take part in various competitions and charity.

The developer and its partners provide users many discounts on sporting goods in the stores, free drinks vouchers and other prizes for achievements in sports.

The company said that the business model is based on the interest of owners of ski resorts in attracting new tourists, and users in their turn are able to spend points earned for conquered mountain trails at their own discretion.

This year, the developers are going to run similar maps for sports hobbies such as walking and cycling.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 22-05-2013