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"Map of availability" for disabled is awarded in the field of high technology and the Internet

The unusual project "Map of availability" received nationwide RuNet prize in the category "Health, Entertainment and Recreation." The creators of the unusual map are the committee of "Sochi-2014" and Disability Fund "One Country".

Internet project has won among other nominees in the field of services for young mothers, sports information, video sharing. In the opinion of the jury, "Map of availability» is characterized by high-tech solutions and attraction to the Internet audience. This resource has social orientation and provides opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as it makes a major contribution to the development of a barrier-free environment.

The main purpose of the resource is to help people with disabilities to find a place to do sport. Currently, the map of Russia has more than 1250 such objects. In future, the project will develop and supplement the elements of a barrier-free environment. By design, the "Map of availability" is to become one of the main contributions to the legacy of the Paralympic Games Sochi 2014.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 22-11-2012