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In New York Metro appeared interactive maps

In New York City subway installed 47 -inch interactive maps that allow passengers to correctly identify the location and make your own route to the desired station. Here at the maps show not only the best path to follow, but several alternatives that will come in handy in case of emergencies. Additionally, the screen displays help information about the time before the arrival of a train, about accidents and delays, as well as nearby attractions.

Currently 18 stands with touchscreens are located in Grand Central Station in New York, the place of gathering the vast majority of tourists. Each stand is equipped with surveillance cameras and microphones for emergencies.

According to the developers, in New York subway will install another 90 racks with sensory maps. Taking into account the various difficulties faced when a person first arrives in New York, you can assume that the maps will be extremely popular. Those who already had a chance to use interactive maps, mark a convenient and intuitive interface.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 23-02-2014