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U.S. soldiers get smartphones with interactive maps

In a short time the arsenal of the U.S. military will be equipped with interactive maps on smartphones that will help soldiers to navigate and determine the location of the enemy. The mobile device will work on the Android platform, the creation of which will be fulfilled by the development company missile system "Patriot".

DARPA U.S. Defense Department has begun to develop a communication system that will be applied at the time of hostilities. Thus, experts decided to turn the current habit of using mobile devices in the strong side of U.S. armed forces.

On adapted to military conditions smartphone will be pumped digital map that will display tactical situation. Thus, the soldiers will be able to see the location of both its own and enemy forces. Through an interactive map a soldier will receive instructions and goals, easy to navigate site at night and in adverse weather conditions.

However, developers are faced with a serious problem. In order to apply smartphones on the battlefield it is necessary to have appropriate infrastructure. Even if we assume that the towers could survive after an air raid, the enemy still can intercepted signal. Then the specialists aim was to combine in one device the benefits of using portable radios and smartphones.

Scientists were able to build a cellular network, where in the function of basic cells are used proven modifications of military radios. Innovative solution differs by encryption of different signal and mobility of individual nodes. It will allow soldiers to use the voice chat and enjoy the full range of telecommunications services, as well as in the civilian world.

In the future, every American soldier will have at the disposal highly functional device with email, video chat and digital maps that allow tracking enemy movement in real time and conducting intelligence operations. Mobile payment will be made from the state budget.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 23-03-2014