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Google launched Steet View in Israel

Israeli government has long opposed the launch of Steet View. But by now all disputed issues between the official Tel Aviv and Google have been settled.

Let us recall that Steet View service allows users of Google Maps to view panoramic views of streets in the form of photographs. All this was made possible after Google experts made photos of streets of various cities with panoramic cameras on roof of the cars. After that they synchronize the received data with the maps.

Google representatives say and the most decisive argument in favor of running map service has been the fact that Street View will attract tourists, who can learn about Jerusalem and other attractions of the country via the Internet, and probably would like to visit these places.

At the same time two days before the official launch of Steet View Israel was nearly to reject its position. This happened after it became clear that not all objects on Israel maps are touched up. The parties have agreed in advance about touching up certain objects. In turn, Google representatives said that there was a technical error, and assured that everything will be done ion accordance with the agreement.

Now the project covers three major cities: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa. In future the rest of Israeli cities will be covered by the service. Now Google Maps users can not only examine the map of Israel, but also make a virtual tour of this country.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 23-05-2012