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Google began to develop personal maps

Google Maps of new generation will visualize personal data, depending on the location of the person. It only necessary to download the maps and content will automatically generate a user-specific points of interest. So, when you zoom Google maps will display labels of various objects based on search history.

According to the developers, maps are a canvas that hosts the known facts about the world. The specialists were challenged to fill this canvas with the maximum amount of contextual information that will be useful to the individual. The greater the amount of data "corporation good" will have on the user, the more detailed and informative it can make his personal map.

Experts point out that the last ten years have been spent on digitizing paper maps to access them on mobile devices or browser. There is now a huge database that allows you to go to the next level of mapping.

Google representatives did not exclude the possibility that in the near future it won’t be necessary to download the maps. If the search engine "knows a lot" about the user, it will prompt as needed. For example, Android- smartphone having determined that a person is at the airport, will automatically display the upcoming departure.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 23-11-2013