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New updated version of Shturmann for Android

Content Master has announced a global update of Shturmann to version 1.6.3 with the most relevant maps, enhanced functionality and new applications for Android-devices.

The new version is based on the maps of NAVTEQ, Q3'2012, with updated data for Ukraine, Russia and Finland. Improved version covers 2.3 million km of the Russian roads (more than 600 settlements), 0.47 million km of Ukrainian (100 localities) and 0.07 million kilometers of Finnish roads.

Among the benefits is search for addresses, which became possible for small towns and villages. It is noteworthy that in the search field there is an opportunity to select the location of the area and the area of the desired object, which avoids confusion between cities with the same name.

Shturmann for Android allows you to call tow truck directly from the navigation application, which is useful in emergency. When you call a tow truck, the program will send a dispatch service to the location of the user, which ensures supply of special equipment in a short time. The program determines the Executive Order by sending a request to the maximum number of free and chooses the services at the best price. Function "Call a tow truck" is available on the whole territory of the Russian navigation.

Shturmann software includes not only accurate maps, but it also has graphics notification of speeding. The problem of fast battery discharge during prolonged operation of the device is fixed. There is also the possibility of installing navigation language that is different from the language of the interface of mobile devices.

Shturmann navigation provides access to resources such as Yandex, Maps parking, Fuel prices, Road maps, Moscow Guide, Friends on Map, etc. The updated software supports high-definition screen, allows the three intermediate points, and additional maps etc.

Currently on sale appeared Shturmann for tablets and smartphones based on operating system of Android.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 23-12-2012