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New space era: SpaceX successfully landed the Falcon 9

New era for space flight began on December 22, 2015. Experts of the company SpaceX successfully launched into orbit vehicle Falcon 9, and then, successfully landed the first stage of the rocket.

Falcon 9 was launched on December 21 at 20:29 local time from Cape Canaveral in Florida. After the delivery of 11 communication satellites of Orbcomm OG2 missions to low Earth orbit, the launch vehicle was returned to the ground and automatically carried out a controlled landing.

The launch was carried out under cloudy conditions with wind of 16 kilometers per hour. A minute after the start the rocket reached the point of maximum stress, the separation of the first stage was four seconds after. The second stage of the engine shutdown occurred at the tenth minute of the flight, and on the fifteenth minut the first satellites were deployed in orbit.

The first stage of the rocket landed in 9.65 kilometers 10 minutes after the start.

Falcon 9 has been substantially upgraded because all previous attempts ended in failure.

The advantage of the return is that expensive components are not lost somewhere in the ocean and don’t become the part of the debris cloud. The return to Earth of the first stage means that it can be used during subsequent launches, that significantly reduces the cost of the launch.

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