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Google Maps invites to a virtual tour of Venice

Google has provided its users with the ability to take a virtual walk through the canals and streets of awesome Venice using service Google Street View.

Just download the map and open panoramic shot of Venice, to display three-dimensional image with amazing views. And, one can view not only popular attractions, but little known places as well. According to the experts, it was very interesting to consider the Devil's Bridge on the island of Torcello, the first synagogue in the Venetian ghetto, frightening mask , designed to protect the Church of Santa Maria Formosa , etc.

The developers note that the creation of three-dimensional map of Venice - is a heavy and hard work. Unlike other cities, Venice is impossible to photograph from the car and even a specially equipped bike. So they use backpacks equipped with an entire camera system. To make pictures, the operators had to sail on gondolas 180km and then walk 425km through the streets.

Using maps of Google, you can also get useful information. For example, you can find places where to eat or go shopping.

Note that the project Google Street View was launched in 2007. It is based on Google Maps. During the existence of this project were photographed not only streets of cities around the world, but also natural attractions. So, Google maps shows the details of the Amazon basin, the Swiss Alps , Antarctica , Everest, Elbrus , Kilimanjaro and even underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 24-11-2013