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Russian military adopting newest navigation and cartographic technologies

Russian military cartographers have been serving their country for two centuries already. It goes without saying that since the time Russian military topographic service was founded, radical changes have occurred in the science of topographic map making, various navigation devices and technologies have appeared.

According to Sergei Kozlov, the head topographer of the Russian armed forces, his department is faced with new challenging tasks each year. The reason for that is that new sophisticated weapons are being developed, new systems of military forces and state management appear. In order to keep the army ready for any outer challenge, it should monitor latest achievements in technology sphere.

One cannot imagine a modern army without up-to-date technologies: digital, cartographic, space and many other ones. They give an opportunity to find the most efficient solutions to the tasks set for the armed forces. Sergei Kozlov concludes that a soldier should have a clear idea of earth models represented by topographic maps, in order to navigate the terrain, to define the alignment of forces and plan the usage of weapons.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 25-02-2012