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Free tourist maps of the world for iPad and iPhone

OpenStreetMap and RouteBuddy announced the release of free GPS maps for iPad and iPhone.

It is common knowledge that the use of online maps costs a lot due to high rates on roaming. At the same time for a tourist happened to be in an unknown town or using public transport, display of accurate localization is of great importance.

Now users have a unique opportunity to download free navigation maps in iPad and iPhone which should be bought in advance. To do this, you must download RouteBuddy Atlas from the iTunes Store, connect via Wi-Fi and download free digital tourist map to your own iPhone. In the menu of RouteBuddy Atlas you must choose OpenStreetMap, mark the destination of the trip, click "Cache map elements" and save the downloaded maps on the iPhone.

This program can be installed on a PC, a Mac-platform, as well as on iPhone or iPod with OS 2.2.1 or later version.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 25-08-2010