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With Commander Compass application it becomes easier to orient oneself with respect to terrain

Modern Commander Compass application makes it possible to very precisely determine the location of the object. This device reproduces the form of military compass, and is indispensable for tourism, orienteering and hiking.

Commander Compass is equipped with multiple functions and provides a user with ample opportunities. The device uses various methods of orienteering: the Sun, the Moon, the stars, as well as GPS navigation (course, altitude, speed, coordinates). The memory of Commander Compass contains catalog with 90 brightest stars, so that it can accurately determine the location, being guided by the starry sky. Plus, the application helps to make the orientation of peculiarities of the terrain. In addition to this, new service allows you to specify your own objects and coordinates in order to remember the locality.

The application’s interface is displayed over the map, which is very convenient. A user can set the unit of measurement. The application includes such features as Autorotation maps and it supports marine navigation. Commander Compass application supports the following platforms: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad Wi-Fi 3G.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 25-11-2010