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Navigation jacket designed to replace usual maps

Australian company Wearable Experiments, specializing in the production of clothing that combines latest trends and high technologies, today announced a navigation jacket. The new development is designed to help smartphone users do without maps.

The manufacturer claims that the new product can compete with navigation maps while walking. The thing is that the developers have inserted into the sleeves of GPS-ins. Just download to your smartphone a special application where you want to specify the destination, and the jacket literally "leads" his master to the right place. Sleeve jacket begins to vibrate the right or left, depending on whether to rotate according to the route. Jacket also features LEDs that light up brighter as it approaches the desired object.

Experts note that all elements wireless and invisible, so it is not a burden on the person. On the contrary, the invention provides a wonderful freedom. After all, there is no need now and then to stop and check the route on a map.

The product now works in testing module. The producer intends to cooperate with bloggers , volunteers from different European countries , who will help to check the unusual jacket in action.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 25-11-2013