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Danew introduced navigator with a virtual screen

French company Danew has developed an unusual navigator D-HeadUp 4.5 with a function of displaying a picture on a windshield. This model is mounted on a dashboard and transmits an image (400x240 points) with routes and maps on the windshield. A user can adjust the brightness of the color with account of the general level of lightning.

The producer has provided the possibility of transferring the image in two-or three-dimensional mode. This navigator contains mapping and navigation data of Europe. There is 128Mb of RAM and a connector for external media in a format of microSDHC.The gadget runs on a processor Telechips TCC7901 with a capacity of 500 MHz.The navigation system is available in two versions: with a voice recognition device and with a remote control that is installed on a handlebar. Depending on the equipment level, the cost of a GPS-navigator will be 350 or 300 euros, respectively.

Among the disadvantages of D-HeadUp 4.5, we can distinguish the thing that the device can’t interact with a passenger and that it has impressive dimensions: it’s size is 189x110x74 mm and it weighs 400g. However, it can be explained by an innovative approach. Probably in the future, developers will improve these weak aspects.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 26-04-2012