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Shturmann-maps on the Olympic Games

Content Master Company, specializing in software development, production of GPS-navigators and Shturmann content services, especially for the opening of the 2012 Olympics produced navigational maps of Europe for Shturmann devices based on Android. As a bonus, the producer offers a 45 day free license.

All fans who gathered in London during the Olympic Games may use "London 2012 Olympics" maps and special content. Map sets are available to users of the Shturmann license navigation in Google Play application. One can download maps from the 27th of July to 12 of August. The period of the free version starts from the date of activation.

Experts of the company have prepared detailed navigational maps of the 48 European countries, which will be useful not only for car owners, but also for hikers. Accurate navigation allows you quickly navigate in unfamiliar places.

Maps are interesting because of the points of interest (POI) chosen in a view of the Olympics. A user receives accurate information about the locations of the games in London, as well as the location of the fan zones and places of events broadcast across Europe. Maps contain more than 3 million points of interest, which are classified by category.

Among the additional online services we can mention support of high-resolution screen and portrait mode when the program switches automatically if you turn the Android-device.

Maps allow you to plot a route taking into account three intermediate destinations, not counting "Start" and "Finish".

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 26-07-2012