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Microsoft introduced a new version of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

The developer released the updated application for Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 with GPS Locator. Unlike previous versions, it includes up-to-date maps of Canada and the United States, maps of 250 000 km of roads and over 2.5 million points of interest. Besides, a user has the opportunity to have not only to enjoy updated maps, but also have a review of the company and customer feedback. In comparison with previous versions, the latest version differs by presence of GPS-locator which allows you to track your location on the map.

Sophisticated users of electronic maps can enjoy voice guidance, that pronounces direction and street names as well as the ability to configure the speed based on the types of roads and prediction time of departure and arrival. Also, the developers made it possible to transfer contacts in Microsoft Outlook map to search for contacts on a given route. The software allows you to map your own points of interest, such as a nearby store or gas station with the most attractive prices, bumps on the road.

Maps can be easily adjusted to meet individual requirements, for example, you can add a note to the planned stops, phone numbers, etc. Not to get into trouble, you should regularly download maps that can be done free of charge, and track sections which are under construction and / or repairs. So you can make an alternative route in advance.

The cost of updated application Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 is about $70. The software comes with user manual and GPS-locator. When purchasing make sure to specify the hardware requirements.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 26-09-2012