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New Island found on the map which does not exist in reality

Surprisingly, non-existent island, which is supposedly situated in the Pacific Ocean, is found on the map of Google Earth. Despite the fact that the company experts carefully check all data.

Google representatives say that before you get online maps all geographic objects are seriously tested. The staff carefully studies various authoritative sources. However, in practice, errors still happen.

The kludge was discovered by scientists from Sydney who decided to measure the depth of the Coral Sea near Sand Island, located midway between New Caledonia and Australia. According to many maps, depth is up to 1.4 km. They measured the depth, but the island was not found. Although,on many maps, it is depicted. Even according to the exact nautical charts, the island is located in the South Pacific, for at least 10 years.

By the way, a mysterious island geographically belongs to France, but the French do not know anything about him. Most likely, the island was mistakenly mapped by some cartographer. Subsequently, the map has been replicated in other publications. Now, Google experts fix their kludge.

Google spokesman said that today's world is changing very fast and it’s not always possible to follow every change.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 26-11-2012