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Swiss Art To Go App for virtual walks in Switzerland

Swiss Society of the art history submitted application Swiss Art To Go for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone to visualize architectural sites of historical and cultural significance throughout Switzerland. Using the tablet and smartphone one can take a virtual tour of the famous mansion, explore the interior of the ancient church, etc.

Site map is based on Google Maps and allows you to determine the nearby attractions on Swiss territory, depending on the user's location. To see more items on the screen, just zoom in. If you reduce the scaling and activate the label, you can get access to photos with a brief audio or textual description of specific attractions.

The Guide can offer several route options for the upcoming tour, taking into account tourist preferences. Herewith the map shows the number of "sites" to visit and how much time will be spent on a trip or an outing. Maps contain as well various search criteria: location, architectural style, age of buildings , etc.

Swiss Art To Go provides a function of "Radar", which is triggered when the user approaches a distance of 150 meters from the sight. In this case, the mobile device shows photos and a description of this sight.

Guide contains information from the five travel guides for Switzerland, which since 1934 were published by the Swiss Society of Art History. On printed editions, details of which are included in application, for decades worked 300 historians. When digitizing data this base was supplemented with information about contemporary art.

Currently the app is available in German, Italian and French. The developers promise that soon all descriptions will be translated into English.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 26-11-2013