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Route for Västerås and Esso: mapping of fictional and real worlds

Fictional worlds often become an outlet for a cartographer. Where else can you not restrain your talent and inspiration, enjoying the very fact of creating a detailed plan of the terrain? Even scientists conduct experiments to create maps on fictional worlds. Researchers from the University of Lancaster plan in three years to create a program that will extract itself from the art texts elements for geolocation and on their basis build animated 3D images of the relevant places. The neural network will be first trained on the trilogy of JRR Tolkien.

Practically for every large-scale fantastic work you can make a map. Usually the matter is limited to the imagination of the reader. Sometimes a real artist or cartography artist draws a map - for example, a map of the Beclan Empire appeared from Richard Adams's novel "Shardik", which was painted by the famous illustrator-cartographer Rafael Palacios.

It happens that the author of the book draws the map himself. This makes it easier if the events of the novel are based on real stories. Even a fantasy with dragons and magic does not appear in an empty place - the hero needs a route, and the writer - the inspiration.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 26-12-2017