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Google maps reappear yellow man

Google has conducted a regular update of its mapping service, after which it returned yellow map man Pegman. It allows you to activate the street panorama application Google Street View.

Pegman panel moved to a new location: now it is located in the lower right corner, whereas previously was at the top left. To view panoramic images, it is necessary, as before, to "pull" a man from a toolbar to the desired location on the map. Pegman also "shows" photos that have been uploaded by users.

Recall that in 2013 developers introduced a new interface without yellow man. Until recently, to enable the panoramas you need to click on the map and select the menu item "Street View." Now it is possible to use previous interface by switching off the new one.

Among other updates, it should be noted that the service Waze is now integrated into Google Maps: maps show not only the route, but the situation on the road. Previously, this feature was implemented in applications for iOS and Android, and only now appeared in the browser maps.

Plus, an updated version of Google Maps has the regime Earth Tours, allowing you to view pictures of attractions that were made from the bird's flight.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 27-11-2013