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Apple maps again criticized

Apple Maps have once again caused a scandal. The criticism came from Australia, where the emergency services call on the population not to trust geographical maps of Apple. According to firefighters, their leadership has repeatedly appealed to the "Apple" company with a request to eliminate the mistakes, but corrections have not been made.

 In this connection, fire encourages advices users of tablets and smartphones with Apple maps, in case of emergency call the hotline or monitor messages on the radio and search information on their official resource, with Google maps.

Recall that in January 2013 there were raging fires in Victoria and at the same time, there were numerous complaints from people on mapping application Fire Ready, which is installed on the iPhone and iPad. The program is designed to determine the location of the person on the map. However, rather than verifiable data, users have noticed inaccurate indication of the fire site. In fact from the screens of mobile devices suddenly disappeared some names of villages and towns, and some towns were depicted in wrong places. According to experts, in extreme situations, such errors can lead to death.

Note, this is not the first complaints of Australians on Apple maps. Previously, navigation and mapping service cited several drivers on their way to the city of Mildura into the desert national park Murray Sunset. As a result, users spent hours to find the right way without food and water. In fact, the city was located at 70 km from the point that was shown by maps of Apple.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 28-02-2013