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Apple Maps surpassed Google Maps

According to the report of the research company comScore, in the last year among U.S. mapping service for Apple's iPhone bypassed Google Maps.

Apple Maps appeared in 2012 and immediately caused a lot of criticism because of the inaccuracy and numerous errors. Developers immediately began to correct deficiencies, and maps caused serious competition for Google. So, in September 2013 Apple audience in the United States amounted to 35 million users. While the number of Google Maps fans decreased by 23 million and currently has 6 million people, plus 2 million of them with smartphone version iOS 5 and below.

Recall until 2012 Google Maps were installed by default in the operating system iOS. In iOS 6, as in the follow-up version iOS 7, Apple began to install its own mapping application.

Immediately after the appearance, maps from Apple were not credible. Therefore, the head of the company was forced to apologize for the misunderstanding and offered to iPhone owners to use applications of other developers. Google released its maps for iOS 6 in December 2012. During the first 2 days after the appearance of Google Maps, 10 million people downloaded it to their mobile. But, as the analysis of the market shows, the company subsequently was unable to hold its position.

Study once again confirms the fact that the vast majority of people are content with what is installed by default. Only a few search and install the best applications on their mobile devices.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 28-11-2013