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Mobile application Tunnel Vision transformed subway map of New York

New application Tunnel Vision complemented Map New York subway interactive AR- marker. Now journey through extensive subway passengers will not make bored waiting desired stop or train.

Tunnel Vision is designed for both iPhone and iPad. A new application of augmented reality is created on the basis of maps of underground New York and displays public data about the inhabitants of the metropolis. The user only has to aim the camera on their mobile device scheme subway (it can be a full-size map or PDF image on the monitor screen), as there is entertaining infographics created using U.S. census data and the data of the largest transportation company with reference to a particular subway station.

In this case, the application notifies the arrival time and location of the trains, the cost of renting apartments nearby etc. Developers took care of the intuitive interface and beautiful visualizations, which leaves the map marker. Such a solution will twist places and stories of famous people who create the largest metropolis.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 29-05-2014