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Nokia Maps on BMW 7 sedan

Nokia has continued to be active in the development of its geographic areas for both mobile devices and other areas. As a result, the producer wins another victory over the competition and signed a license agreement with BMW, according to which Nokia Maps will be installed on the BMW 7 sedans.

According to the signed agreement, Nokia is to supply electronic maps themselves, and advanced functionality to them. In particular, the German carmaker BMW expects to get the system Enhanced 3D City Model, which shows the three-dimensional maps of the city streets in high resolution.

On the basis of Nokia cartographic experience auto giant is planning to develop an updated version of the Eco Pro Route, which makes it possible for the driver to choose the best route in order to save fuel consumption.

Before the German automaker has signed an agreement with Garmin, which supplies Pedestrian and Transit maps, on the basis of which Urban Guidance is developed.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 30-09-2012