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Yandex presented a detailed map of the world

Russian Yandex has launched an updated map service Yandex maps that is a result of a year and a half of work. New maps become more detailed and can make road routes, even if the start and end points are different countries.

Unlike the previous version, now on the map you can find subway stations, pedestrian crossings , outlines of buildings and street names in foreign not only Russian cities with a detailed diagram of roads between them. Herewith, the names of geographical objects are displayed in Russian and local languages. The most detailed are presented maps of Europe and North America.

Experts point out that the service was transferred to the new algorithm, which made it possible to accelerate the work. Currently it’s not possible to save maps on mobile devices without access to the network. In the foreseeable future, the developers plan to add this functionality.

Maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan will be updated monthly by Yandex cartographers based on information from the municipal administrations, new satellite images , user comments . Charts of maps of other countries were drawn by a partner company - Navteq. These maps will be updated quarterly.

The update immediately affected all mapping applications: browser- maps, "Navigator", mobile products and thousands of sites using API "Yandex.Maps ."

Yandex started to develop its own maps in 2011, which are based on the maps of GIS Technology company, acquired by Yandex a year earlier.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 30-11-2013