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Apple hopes to fix its own maps using Foursquare

Apple seriously counts on the support of social networks with the function of geopositioning Foursquare. Currently, representatives of the two companies negotiate about the possibility of integrating location-based data networks with the application "Maps" from Apple. They have already spoken for several weeks, but still no agreement has been reached.

Let us recall that Apple map service was introduced in the iOS 6, replacing Google maps, previously installed by default on i-devices. Thus, Google Corporation had to release a separate version of the navigation software for the iPad and iPhone.

However, Apple maps could not compete with Google maps. As soon as the maps appeared on the market, users have found many factual inaccuracies and technical errors. The developers have been forced to confirm this and send the application for revision.

Foursquare social network was launched in 2009. Under the project, users are able to report to the places where they are, and get points for it. Companies operating in this service sector, attract new customers by offering bonuses and discounts for a mark in the social network.

Apple hopes that together with Foursquare it will be possible to improve maps. The company already marks ratings and reviews from Yelp and other providers on the maps.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 30-12-2012