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GLONASS will protect the USA from volcanoes

The USA is actively using the equipment supporting the GLONASS system, within the framework of the volcano threat prevention program.

The USA’s Geologic Service will hold a tender for the purchase of Trimble equipment used for topological surveying of the earth’s surface. Giving the reasons for such a choice, geologists point out this equipment’s ability to detect signals of the GLONASS navigation system.

The equipment being purchased will collect the data used for creating maps of volcanic activity in the USA, which are able to timely notify the emergency services of possible eruptions. Besides, this equipment will lend invaluable assistance in gathering scientific information designated for finding out the ways of reducing volcanic activity.

Geodesy is the sphere where the GLONASS system was used for the first time. Apart from creating topographic maps, national navigation system can be useful in geodesic designing, during land arrangement or survey works, in monitoring the earth’s surface deformation.

Thus, GLONASS is gradually extending its international influence in the geodesic sphere.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 31-03-2012