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Large-scaled maps of the Russian Federation are not classified any more

It was learned that Russian government is going to lift the ban on satellite imagery and aerial photography in Russia. It is also expected that soon restrictions on the use and production of maps, the scale of which is 5km to 1cm will be lifted.

According to experts, the order has been signed that confirms new nomenclature on the secrecy of spatial data. The developers note that the document is created in the following way: "All that is seen by human eye from the space or on the ground has to be open". Thus, the order removes any restrictions on the use of geographic and topographic maps at a scale of up to 5 km to 1 cm. Only maps of smaller scale remain secret.

If earlier, experts that make aerial photography have to send maps for approval to the Central Department of the General Staff, now this is not necessary.

Thanks to this new order, it is possible to make full use of satellite geodesy. This allows cadastral engineers to have access to the exact coordinates of the various properties.

Among the shortcomings of the document is that, according to it the activities os some meter men can be regarded as damaging to the national security. Because of the inaccuracy and ambiguity of this paragraph, the security forces can interpret it in their favor.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 31-10-2012